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At Elements of the Animal Kung Fu and Self Defense we offer a very comprehensive range of skills and services ...

We teach how to efficently and effectively use body dynamics for optimum results in regards to training. I.e. Punching, kicking and all factors of self defense [ including knife defense, quick fire release routines and much more}.

Martial Arts weaponry; including proficent use of the Bow Staff, Nunchaku, Double Daggers, Broad Sword and Philipino Fighting sticks.

We offer a full grading system that fosters as much as it empowers and strenghtens pupils abilities physically and mentally, beginning at white belt through to the Black belt level. Duration to achieve a black belt with the Elements system is approximately 3 years depending upon individual skill level, commitment, focus and determination to training .

Gradings have an integral purpose in assessing a pupils improvement and understanding of techniques. Also indicating to us as the teacher, that the pupil is ready for advancement to the next level of proficency, and indicating to the pupil themselves where he/she is at with their own skill level.

 Our syllabus as mentioned is very comprehensive, initially learning effective blocks, strikes, kicks, takedowns, knife defense, structured and traditional forms to perfect transition of movement and optimum utilisation of technique, speed and power.

Traditional Animal forms are taught to enhance and adapt to the dynamic nature of Kung Fu. All theory is structured to teach from beginners/novices to advanced practitioners and anything inbetween, the best way to defend oneself in the easiest and quickest way possible through learning the amazing and beautiful Art of Kung Fu.

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