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Due to high demand, Elements of the Animal Kung Fu and Self Defense System has now brought to you Grade-by-Grade, Step by Step tutorial videos. Take an up close and personal lesson with your instructors as they guide you through each and every section needed for you to achieve your next Sash, whether you are a total beginner going for your Yellow Sash, or advanced student going for your Black, with Elements of the Animal's brand new tutorial videos, we will be with you anywhere, anytime, to make sure you can always practice and practice right.

Coming to class for only an hour each week is not going to help you progress in your learning of the Martial Arts. It is highly recommended that students attend two classes a week and practice at home at least 3 times a week to notice significant results. With these tutorial videos, it gives you the ability to practice anywhere you are at anytime of the day. The training is now on your schedule and your time, you can revise everything from the previous class you just came from by the click of the button, and you know that what you are revising is correct because your instructor is right in your living room with you! It has never been easier to gain skill in Elements of the Animal Kung Fu and Self Defense System with our brand new, Step by Step tutorial videos. Please inquire now and do not miss this opportunity.

-Each grade is taken through in its own video, videos are available on Google Classroom and cost $14.95 each. 

-Take advantage of the learning and gain access to four or more videos for only $11.95 each.

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