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The first lesson is FREE as an introductory and explanatory session, as a good way to test both pupil and instructors comfort and enjoyment of the system and approach, and how each can fit and train successfully together.


AGES 3-15 > $8.00 per lesson (each lesson is one hour in duration).


AGES 15 onwards > $15.00 per lesson, each lesson is one hour in duration.


We supply a set Elements uniform which is printed with our club logo. This uniform includes shirt, pants, leg wraps and belt. Full uniform cost is $80.

We prefer a full uniform to purchased in the first month of training as it is an important part of the whole approach to achieving the best results, look and most fun.


Charges for gradings are at a set fee $35.00, this includes the students new belt, certificate and theory required for their next grade.

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